2014-2015 Year-Long Calendar

Legend: District | Lambert | Middle School | High School | Hanson Auditorium

Find out more!
Click on the event to go more details as to where it is happening and what time it is happening.

Different Views
It is by default a monthly view. You can switch it to a Weekly View or an Agenda view that would list out all the events in order.

Want to print the calendar?
Select the calendar you want along with the view you want and choose the Print Icon in the upper right part of the Calendar? You can choose different print options on the next page including Font Size, etc.

Do you have a Google Calendar of your own?
You can subscribe to any of these calendars that you would like. If you are in you are in your own Google Calendar you can follow these directions.

-Select "Add" under "Other calendars"

-Choose "Add by URL"

-Paste in one of these URL's for whichever calendar you are looking for.

District Wide

Lambert Elementary

Middle School

High School

Hanson Auditorium

-Hit "Add Calendar" when you are done putting in the URL