West Delaware Health Services


This web site was developed to provide a health guide for families in the West Delaware County Community School District.  The following pages will contain several health forms and health information used to improve better understanding of specific health needs of your student.

"You cannot educate a child who is not healthy, and

you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated."

Jocelyn Elders, M.D. former Surgeon General

Please feel free to call any of the respective health offices with any health concerns of your student.

You may fax any medical releases, medication permission forms, physical education excuses to the school nurse.

Ashley Monaghan  

School Nurse
(563)927-3515 Ext. 206 
Fax: (563) 927-9115

Elaine Gibbs  

Health Associate High School
(563)927-3515 Ext. 310
Fax: (563) 927-5514

Leslie Zellner

Health Associate Lambert
(563) 927-3515 Ext. 107
Fax: (563) 927-9235