Kindergarten and Third Grade Vision Requirements
A parent or guardian of a child who is to be enrolled in a public or accredited nonpublic elementary school shall ensure the child is screened for vision impairment at least once before enrollment in Kindergarten AND again before enrollment in the 3rd grade. To be valid, a minimum of one child vision screening shall be performed no earlier than one year prior to the date of enrollment in Kindergarten and no later than six months after the date of the child's enrollment in Kindergarten. 

Please return the form to school before the first day of enrollment. 

The Iowa Legislature passed Senate File 2251 - the Student Eye Care Act that went into effect starting the 2015-2016 school year. This law requires schools to place the Student Vision Card in ALL pre-school and kindergarten round-up packets. This card is produced and distributed by the Iowa Optometric Association and approved by the Iowa Department of Education. 

The Card states, "As a part of your back to school preparations, it is recommended that you take your child and this card to your family eye doctor for a complete eye health examination." While it is not required that the child receive a comprehensive eye exam, this is a big step in educating parents on the importance of healthy eyes as it relates to their child's ability to learn. Having good vision means much more than the ability to read 20/20 letters on an eye chart. To fully assess the health of your child's visual system and to reduce the risk of future learning problems, regular professional eye examinations are recommended.

Vision Screening Guidelines

Certificate of Vision Screening