College Visits

The West Delaware Student Handbook states:

  • Students are encouraged to visit college campuses in the summer, on weekends, or on school holidays. Students planning on attending a college day on a school day must have a note requesting such from the parents. If 18 years old, you still need a note from your parents if you are under their guardianship.
  • This day will be excused, but count on the schools attendance record. All college days must be taken before May 1.
  • The administration may deny college visitations due to excessive absences.

Completing the form and having your parents/guardians sign it will also eliminate the need for a parental note.

REMINDER: All visits must be arranged one (1) week in advanced. Failure to follow this procedure may result in an unexcused absence.

To visit a college a student must:

  • Obtain a form from the high school counseling office.
  • Must use the form to arrange a college visit.
  • The completed form must be turned into the high school office for an advanced makeup slip.
To visit with a college rep when they come to West Delaware:
  • Check in with your teacher before visiting the high school counseling office.