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Student of the Day

posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM by Joe Hegland
Dear Community Member: 

We are proud of the many positive aspects of West Delaware Schools and the work that is being done by faculty and students. However, we know that we must always focus on improvement and creating an even better school for our community. 

Five years ago we worked together as a school and community to develop a Vision for our schools. We identified priorities in the areas of Relationships, Challenging Academics, and 21st Century Skills. We continue to work toward that Vision every day, but now it is time to take a deeper look to determine how we are progressing. 

To help us evaluate our progress, we would like to invite you to experience West Delaware Community Schools as a student. We believe that by inviting community members to experience a day as a West Delaware student, the community will gain important perspective on what happens in a 21st century classroom and will be better prepared to give us feedback on areas for improvement. We also believe you will greatly enjoy this experience! 

As a community member, your input is very important to us. No preparation is needed; we only ask for your time and your willingness to participate. We ask that you commit at least half of a school day to this process so that you can get a full picture of a day in the life of a student. This opportunity will be available until April 28. 

Please RSVP to Laurie Buchheit at the West Delaware Central Office, (563) 927-3515, to make arrangements for your day as a student! 

Dr. Kristen Rickey Superintendent