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ALEKS Math Assessment for High School

posted May 22, 2018, 5:57 AM by Joe Hegland   [ updated May 25, 2018, 8:38 AM ]

Dear Parents/Guardians,


This letter contains important changes regarding the ALEKS Math Assessment that is required for certain dual credit coursework at West Delaware.


As of July 1st, 2018, Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) is requiring that all students taking the ALEKS Math Assessment take the assessment in a proctored setting.  The ALEKS assessment allows students to retest up to 5 times and requires 5 hours of remediation through the “Prep and Learning” system before each subsequent test. When this assessment was introduced, students were allowed to complete all portions of the ALEKS Math Assessment (assessment and Prep and Learning) on their own time, without the need of a proctor.  Due to changes from NICC, students will now have to complete all ALEKS Math Assessments in a proctored setting with a test administrator present. 


How will this affect my student’s classes for the 2018-2019 school year?

If your student was planning to take the ALEKS Math Assessment over the summer to earn a qualifying score for any of the following classes: Pre Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Accounting I, and Dosage Calculations, prior to schedule change days in August, they will have until June 30th to test under current testing conditions (without a proctor).  If they do not earn a qualifying score prior to this date, and want to continue working towards the qualifying score needed for the class, they will have to test at the NICC Manchester Center in a proctored setting.


For students planning to take the ALEKS Math Assessment next school year, a proctored setting at the High School will be available on the dates listed below. If these dates do not work for your student, they can set up a time to assess with the NICC Manchester Center at their convenience. More specific information regarding times and location will be shared in the Fall.


First Semester Testing: Wed, October 24, 2018 / Wed, November 14, 2018 / Wed, December 12, 2018

Second Semester Testing: Wed, February 27, 2019 / Wed, March 20, 2019 / Wed, April 10, 2019


Does the Prep and Learning component of ALEKS need to be proctored?

No.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete the 5 hours of needed Prep and Learning remediation before each reassessment in the ALEKS system.  This remediation does not need to be completed in a proctored setting.  


How do I test this Summer with the new protocol?

To schedule a testing date over the summer, please contact the NICC Manchester Center at (563) 822-1016. Group testing dates will be available as listed below. Seats are limited to 24 per session.  Therefore, please contact the center prior to the testing date. If you are unable to make one of these dates and need to take an assessment, please contact the NICC Manchester Center to schedule an individual appointment.

Summer Group Testing Dates:

Tuesday, July 3 - 9:00am

Friday, August 10 - 9:00am